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Elite Program As a high-performance academy, Techset Tennis Academy’s elite group is focused on ATP professionals and young players interested in College Tennis. Led by coach Juan “Pancho” Spina, the group has the most intensive training program in the academy, where athletes train in 2 periods, with a total of 6 hours a day.
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Junior Program Focused on pre-teens from 11 years old, with an emphasis on competitive tennis. At this stage, the load of training sessions and tournaments increases and the athlete begins to practice the sport in a more focused way, participating in state and national circuits to gain experience.
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Little Pro
Little Pro Program Our Little Pro program has all levels for children ages 5-11. Through the “Play and Stay” method, which uses slower balls, smaller courts and lower nets, our mini-athletes go through the 3 stages of tennis training: red, orange and green ball. Techset trains players from the age of 5 to the Competition […]
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Private Classes
Private Classes Program With individual or dual options, private lessons can be taken by students of all levels and ages. With a Coach dedicated exclusively to the player, the program allows classes more directed to the needs of each person. As a high-performance academy, private classes allow social players to train with coaches of the competitive […]
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Match Play
Match Play Program Match-play is a program focused at tennis lovers who seek consistency in the practice of the sport playing with partners of the same level. It takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays for the intermediate level and Tuesdays and Thursdays for the advanced level, always under the supervision of a Techset Academy trainer.  
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Our high intensity functional training program aims to strengthen and prepare a good physical condition within a one-hour section. Our members receive loads of exercises according to their physical and mental capacity. Depending on the goals of each athlete, an emphasis is given to competition or mere physical-functional conditioning.
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